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Sunday, March 21, 2010

About my Blog

Since this is a blog, I will throw in a few tidbits of ‘blog stuff’ mostly informational as I have a treasure-trove of books and other resources full of useful information. So if you should have a question on or about anything, I probably have some information that will answer your question, so please feel free to ask.

But mostly this site will be a display case of my hobbies, making my craft items which I have started selling as an extra income. Only problem is, so far I have spent more than I have made so I guess it still qualifies as a hobby. (: But I enjoy making all the different things that you see here and that I have listed in my online shops. I have so many ideas, some are 'out there', some don't work some do work and sooner or later I will find that perfect 'IT' that will be a hit (at least in my own mind) and I'm hoping that I can share IT with many of you, the world (might as well think BIG).

In any event I am always so happy when any of my one of a kind or unique items are purchased. Then to get feedback from my customers after they receive the item has been just a wonder and positive experience. They have been so extremely kind and have expressed their appreciation for my work. That is what makes it all worthwhile for me. So go see my shops, I have three my woodworks I list at , my jewelry can be found at and my artwork and other misc crafts can be found at

Please pass the word to everyone you know because I want to RETIRE from Government work-SOON as I have been making the 1+hour commute to Northern Virginia for 21 years now, I need my shops to be successful so that I can be one of the lucky ones who can make the additional needed income  from my Etsy shops, quitting my day job, yey. Having said that, you know that retirement doesn't pay very well so I really need to make A LOT of sales in order to make that dream come true. (: Think big, dream bigger.

(: Thanks for everything and have a GREAT LIFE!

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