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Friday, March 20, 2009

Suicide Is NOT the Answer

Are you having feelings or thoughts that you want to kill yourself?

Believe me, that is not the answer to your problems, and if you are having those thoughts or feelings, talk to someone immediately, a family member, a friend, a stranger, ANYONE, talk to me, feel free to contact me at anytime, I'll listen and help you through the bad feelings. But what ever you do, don't harm yourself.

I know that times are bad these days and sometime it feels like the world is coming down on your head, suffocating you, well you're not alone, there are millions of people who are feeling the same way, there are millions who are choosing to seek help because they know that suicide is not the answer and if you love anyone at all please be sure to love yourself first.

Choosing suicide is not an act that only affects you, you hurt those who love you more than you will ever know. Their lives are deeply touched by the thoughts that you are no longer with them, that they will never be able to see, touch or talk to you ever again, their hearts will ache forever with the empty spot that was once filled with YOU.

Give life another chance.

Please talk to someone if you are even vaguely considering suicide.

The suicide hotline is 1-800-Suicide ~ JUST CALL~PLEASE!

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  1. Wonderful post. I hope those that read this and are thinking of suicide will take a few moments to take this advice. Give life another chance.



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